The Best of the Best (in girls athletics anyways :))

A couple of weeks ago, the Bastrop Advertiser did a special on the best of the best in girls athletics.  Several of our current girl athletes were mentioned, as well as some of our past girl athletes.  I found the story very interesting.  I am so proud of all of our girls, both past and present.  I decided to do my own little article on them and go a little further.  I know most of these girls, so I asked them all a few questions of my own, so I could share with y’all, and so they could share with each other!  I hope you will join me in congratulating them all on their HUGE accomplishments!!!

I will let y’all know what the Bastrop paper said about each of them, and then if they got back to me, I will let you know what they had to say in their own words.  A few of them haven’t gotten back to me yet, but I know they are busy, so maybe they will get back to me after I post this. 

Kelsey Harkins is going to Navarro Junior College to play volleyball.  The Bastrop Advertiser noted that this is a good choice for Kelsey because the school has a good record of advancing players to four-year schools.  I think this is fabulous.  I know Kelsey from my days of subbing at the high school and this girl is talented, smart, and one of the nicest people who I have met.  Kelsey is very excited to go play at Navarro for her first two years of college and is then hoping to transfer and play at a bigger school.  She said she is a tad bit nervous, but in a good way.  “I love playing on teams without knowing anyone to begin with.  It’s a great way to make new friends and connect with people you otherwise would never have come into contact with,” she says.  To Kelsey, Navarro is just the right distance from home, not too far, but not too close either.  She said she can’t wait to graduate because she has worked so hard for all of these years and she can see how much it has paid off!  Congratulations to Kelsey and we will be watching closely to see where her future takes her!!!

Kaci Olson is going to St. Edwards University to play softball.  I can remember when Kaci was on the team that went to the Little League World Series and they called her “Little Bit.”  St. Eds is a Division II School and Kaci has already signed a letter of intent to play softball for Cat Osterman.  Now, I may not know a lot about softball, but I recognize that name.  I do know that Kaci is in line to be one of our top grads this year!  Kaci said she is very excited about going to St. Eds and she is really happy that all of her friends decided to stay close to home because now they will all just be a short drive away from each other.  “I don’t know what I would do without them since we’ve been friends our whole life,” she said.  Kaci also said that she toured St. Edward’s University, she fell in love with the campus and loved that the classrooms on average are 14 students to 1 professor.  She did say that it has taken a lot of hard work to stay in the top of her class and to balance sports and all of the extra time it requires, but she has done it with the help of her parent’s.  She knows that her hard work has paid off though because now she gets to play the sport she loves for four more years and at a very competitive level.  Congratulations to Kaci because I do know that St. Eds is a tough school to get into and I think she will love it!  Hopefully we will hear her name lots in the next few years!

Shelbi Swenson has signed with Temple College to play softball.  The Bastrop paper noted what a talented overall athlete Shelbi is.  I have known Shelbi her whole life and she really was born and bred to play softball!!!  I am sure most of you know that softball coach, Amanda Wolf, is Shelbi’s older cousin.  :)  Shelbi has not gotten back to me either, but did reply and told me that she would, so I hope to hear from her soon.

Bailey Alanis, who has won some pretty major awards in the past, has signed a letter of intent to play softball for East Texas Baptist University, a Division III school.  Bailey did get back to me and told me that she is very excited about college and cannot wait to start the new chapter of her life!  Bailey chose ETBU for the softball program, the softball players and she said the campus is beautiful.  She is looking forward to meeting new people, as well as playing softball on a whole new level.  Bailey said she is a bit nervous about balancing her time in college, but noted that she currently balances school, work and softball, so she thinks that will help her prepare for her busy schedule in college.  She also told me that she has literally waited and worked her whole life for this opportunity.  On the down side, she will definitely miss her Elgin softball girls because they have been playing together for so long and it is sad to think that they will all be going separate ways after this season.  Speaking of this season though, she said that they have to work a lot harder than any season before because they no longer have a dominating pitcher, so they are going to have to lock down defensively and put up a lot of runs offensively.  Congratulations to Bailey and I will make sure she keeps up updated on her life at ETBU next year!

Morgan Schultz, who is another big name in high school volleyball and softball, has not signed on with a school to play any sports, but she is hoping that there will be an opportunity for her to walk on at Texas State, her college of choice!  Morgan told me that she is very excited about going to college but that she will mis playing volleyball and softball with the girls that she grew up playing with.  She is very close with her parents and her little sister and that is one of the things about college life that she is dreading, not being able to see them on a daily basis.  She told me that she is not embarrassed to say that she will be very homesick the first semester of school!  I do know Morgan and I know that she is going to have a ton of fun in college, and lucky for her, San Marcos isn’t too far away, so she can always make a trip home when she is missing her family!  :)

Alyssa Wilkins is the final senior athlete that the Bastrop paper mentioned as the best of the best and thank you Alyssa for getting back to me!  Alyssa has been another huge name in volleyball and softball, but like Morgan, she is not going to school with a commitment to play sports.  Alyssa’s lifelong dream has been to go to Texas A&M University.  She said that she would LOVE to play college ball and may try walking on, but I got the impression that being an Aggie means more.  :)  Alyssa said that she is so excited to start a new beginning and that she will be living with her sister, so she doesn’t think the transition will be too bad.  She did mention how hard it is going to be for her and her friends to all go their separate ways since they have grown up together, but she is confident that they will always stay close.  Alyssa is very excited to meet new friends and live the college life.  I told Alyssa that I thought she was making a good choice because I have always heard such good things about A&M and the traditions that the University has and the closeness of the Aggie family.  Alyssa is also in line to be one of our top grads this year….Congratulations Alyssa!!!

Along with this years best of the best, the Bastrop Advertiser also mentioned the best of the best from recent years.  Lucky for me, I was also able to get in touch with these girls too!  Thank goodness for Facebook!!!  Lol….

From the class of 2011, Ellyn Rivers, Hillary Adams, and Sarah Johnson went to college on athletic scholarships.

I am sure everyone is familiar with the Rivers name and that they are the extraordinary swimmers from our town!  Ellyn Rivers is swimming far, far away at Seattle University!!!  Isn’t that amazing!  I have heard such wonderful things about Seattle and I couldn’t wait to see what Ellyn thought about it.  The first thing that Ellyn had to say is that the weather in Seattle is different, but easy to assimilate to.  She said it’s consistently cold, but relatively mild-usually in the 40’s.  She said it is not quite as sunny, but not as rainy as everyone says either.  It is usually just a drizzle but that makes everything green.  “It is gorgeous up here.  The past few days we have had sunshine and there  is no beating Seattle when it is sunny,” Ellyn said.  She does miss the thunderstorms from back home though.  Ellyn said she loves living ten minutes from the city.  Her campus is compact and the city center is close, so you can walk any place you need to go.  She dislikes the complicated bus system and the cost of living in Seattle (she said the groceries are expensive).  Swimming is going well though and her conference meet is in about a week and they are flying to East Los Angeles for it!  She said that swimming is a huge committment and requires a lot of her energy, but it has been rewarding.  On the flip side, college is fantastic.  She said there are so many organizations to get involved in and because she lives in the city, the volunteer opportunities are astounding.  Unfortunately, because of her swimming schedule, she hasn’t had as much of a chance to get involved in all that she is interested in.  When I asked if she had any advice for graduating seniors, she said if you aren’t certain of what you want to major in, then go into college as a pre-major.  Don’t get too involved in too many things at once, but try to find what interests you.  I thought that this was a very good piece of advice from Ellyn, “Don’t get too caught up making friends your first semester.  It is important that you have a strong support system, but there is nothing worse than ruining your GPA in the first semester.”  She said to find a place that you can get your work done, and perhaps, most importantly, go to office hours and get to know your professors because they will be a valuable resource when applying for jobs or just for advice.  So, Class of 2012, I hope you take Ellyn’s words to heart!!!  I have also been in college before, and I can’t tell you how right she is, especially about ruining your GPA.  It is so easy to get it down, and so, so hard to get it back up, so be very careful!!!

Hillary Adams, a softball star, went to Sam Houston State University and hit a grand slam in her first collegiate at bat in the fall!!!  According to the Bastrop Advertiser, Hillary is expected to start as a true freshman.  Hillary told me that college has already been an incredible thing for her!  She said, as far as athletics go, college is definitely a lot different from high school.  Not only is the 6 a.m. workouts every day and the extremely long practices that make it different and harder, it’s what is expected of you, she said.  In high school, a lot of things are given to you, but in college, you have to work hard everyday to prove that you are the best and that you deserve to be there!  Hillary said it is very much like a job, because everything depends on how hard you are willing to work for what you want.  When I asked Hillary if she was glad she chose SHSU, she said she couldn’t be happier with her decision.  “Huntsville is a good town, with great people and a great college atmosphere.  Everything in the town revolves around the college and I love that,” she said.  As far as advice for the graduating class this year, she said that hard work truly does pay off and as long as you stay focused, positive, and above all, have fun playing the sport you love, good things will happen to you!  Many thanks to Hillary for her feedback and for those of you interested in seeing her play college ball, her team will be in Austin 3/2-3/4 to play the University of Texas!  I know that it would make her feel good to have her own little cheering section, but I am sure Coach Wolf and her girls will be there cheering her on!

Our last athlete of the Class of 2011 that  I talked to is Sarah Johnson.  Sarah was our local “star” pitcher and I know the team this year is missing her!  Currently, Sarah is attending Texas A&M International in Laredo, and playing softball for them.  Sarah told me that she loves TAMIU and that it has been everything she thought it would be and more.  She did say that it didn’t seem that special until last Tuesday when she pitched her first game, and that is when it all came back to her and was great!  As the other girls mentioned, Sarah also said that college athletics are more like a “job” than a hobby.  She has two priorities:  school and softball and that leaves no time to put effort into anything else.  Her advice to the seniors is to make the best of your senior season because she misses high school softball soooooo much!!!  Sarah said that her and Hillary (Adams) always talk about how much they wish they could go back and not take any day for granted!  Many thanks to Sarah for getting back to me and we wish her lots of luck on her first season as a collegiate softball pitcher!!!  We know she will do awesome!!!

From the Class of 2010, Megan Moore, Jasmine Cornelius, and Desarae Couthren went to college on athletic scholarships.  Here is a weird coincidence, all three of these girls are at college in our neighboring state of Louisiana!!!

Megan Moore is another one of past softball stars and is now playing at Southeastern Louisiana State University.  The Bastrop paper said that the “former Elgin all-everything is recovering from a torn ACL suffered in the offseason and will likely miss the early part of the 2012 season.”  After reading this, I was very anxious to interview Megan, and she answered me with fantastic news!  First though, Megan said that college is an experience that she thinks everyone needs to go through and although it is very hard to be away from her family, it does maker her appreciate them a lot more.  She said she has met a lot of new people that she considers her family though.  Megan told me that she hurt her knee on July 10th, but se wasn’t going to let that stop her.  She told her dad that she was going to be the fastest recovering ACL patient and she did pretty good!  She got released after five and a half months.  Their first games are this weekend and she is hoping to regain her spot.  Megan said that good thing about playing college sports is that you get to meet so many people, you get to play the sport you love and it is a great learning experience and prepares you for your future.  The bad things about playing college sports is that you are constantly on the go and don’t really get much of a break.  She said she has practice every day and then goes to study hall.  It is very time-consuming but well worth it.  Her advice for the graduating seniors, “It’s definitely not like high school.  Keep up with your work because you do not have anyone reminding you when things are due.  I really don’t think there is any way to prepare for college until you are actually in.  Just keep up your school work and you are going to have to sacrifice some going out to get your work done.  It ahs been a definite eye opener and I am proud to be a lion, but better yet, proud to be a wildcat alumni!”  I would like to thank Megan for her response and tell her that everyone back home is proud of her too!!!

Our last two girls of 2010 went to McNeese State University together and are both on track scholarships.  They are currently at a track meet in Alabama and a couple of weeks ago were at one in Arkansas!  How exciting to be able to travel to all of these places with your team!!!

Jasmine Cornelius graduated from Elgin in 2010 and was in the top 10% of her class.  She and Desarae decided together to go to McNeese State University, under the advice of their track coach, Mr. Tony Richardson.  Jasmine told me that college life is amazing!!!  She said she really enjoys the freedom she gets to experience, especially being in a different state and all.  “I LOVE TRACK AND FIELD!  I just could not imagine what college would be like if I wasn’t an athlete.  My team is like my family and I adore them all!” she said.  Jasmine also said that it is a big of a challenge to manage track and the courses that she takes, especially with her major, but so far, she has been able to maintain a 3.5 gpa.  She said if she could go back, she would probably take the ACT (college entrance exam) instead of the SAT because it is more accepted in Louisiana.  Jasmine’s advice for the seniors this year would be to stay on top of their grades.  She said that scholarship opportunities are everywhere.  She also said to know your priorities because it helps with time management.  One of the things she found most interesting about going to college was all of the new people she met and continues to meet.  She said there are students from all over the place and she loves meeting new people.  She loves that through track, she is allowed the opportunity to travel.  The track meets are in several cities throughout the United States and she has also had the chance to meet professional athletes through track.  Overall, Jasmine said, the new chapter in her life has been great so far!!!  Thank you Jasmine for your input…we are so proud of you and Desarae!!!

Desarae said that college is great and she loves everything about it!  She also said it is stressful to try to stay on top of your studies while you are traveling so much, but they know that that is what they signed up for.  Desarae also said it can sometimes be hard to motivate yourself to continue to do the right thing all of the time without your parents there, but when you are a student-athlete, that is all the motivation you need.  She said college life is awesome and she has met a lot of new people.  She really enjoys running track in college.  Running college track was her dream and she has always been passionate about it and really couldn’t see herself doing anything else.  “God gave me this talent for a reason and I am using it to the best of my advantage,” Desarae said.  If she could go back to high school, she would have worked harder.  She feels like this is her biggest down fall.  While in high school, being the best at everything didn’t push her to get better.  She was content with how she was doing, but once she got to college, it is a whole different story.  There are girls in college that have been training since grade school!!!  She warns that you will NOT come to college on top!  Her advice to the graduating seniors is to work hard and give it all you’ve got.  Just leave it all on the track.  You aren’t promised a second chance in college and you most definitely cant ever get those high school track meets back, she says.  Desarae makes me so proud.  She was like a daughter to me when she was in high school, and I have never met anyone with such determination.  She has never had anyone giving her anything.  She has worked her butt off for all of it and even still, she knows that if she wants to be something, then she has to go get it because nobody is going to give her anything.  I am so proud of this girl and I wish more of the kids were like her.  I wish I was more like her!!!  I love you Desarae and I am sooooo proud of you!!!

I have been working on this story all week and if I do get the rest of the girl’s responses, I will just add them to this story.  I am so proud of all of these girls and all that they are accomplishing!  I love that our college athletes are able to give the seniors their advice.  I think that it is so important and that you really have no idea what to expect until you get there, so maybe this will help them.  If you are an athlete, it is pretty apparent that you are going to be VERY busy, so try not to overload your schedule with all hard classes.  You really don’t want to mess up your grade point average, because that will impact so many things, including your scholarship or eligibility.  I can’t wait until next year for our seniors to share their experiences with us!  Until then, good luck girls!!!  We are proud of you!!!

It’s Friday and everyone in my house is sick!!!

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope yall are doing better than my household is!  My husband has been sick all week, and I think he finally passed it on to my mom and my son, because they are both running fever today!


I saw this on the news last night, and now it is in the paper.  For anyone who is having trouble paying their mortgage, it looks like help is here.  Texas homeowner’s will get a combined $287 million to help restructure mortgages and in payments  to some borrowers who lost their homes because of foreclosure servicing abuses.  If you think you may qualify and be elgigible for settlement money, go to or the Texas attorney general’s website for more information.  The settlement will apply only to privately held mortgages issued from 2008 through 2011.


Right now, it is 59 degrees and sunny.  Tonight’s low is 36, with no rain.

Tomorrow’s high will be 53, so pretty chilly, and tomorrow night’s low is 33 with a 20% chance of rain.


Chelsea Handler, one of my favorite comedians and host of Chelsea Lately on E, was interviewed by Rosie O’donnel this week and talked about having an abortion at the age of 16.  She said that she was so dilusional, thinking that being a teen mom would be so fun, but her parent’s ended up convincing her to have an abortion.  They told her that her life would be over and she couldn’t raise and child and they weren’t going to raise it for her.  Now, looking back, she knows she did the right thing and has no regrets. 

Are yall ready for the Grammy Awards?  They are on Sunday and LL Cool J is hosting them.  I have to tell yall, the Grammy Awards are my favorite awards show of the year.  I LOVE music and I LOVE awards shows.  Valerie Navejas and I do a great job hosting the awards via Facebook….so tune in for lots of fun and all of our opinions, hehe.


Lots going on in Elgin this weekend!!!  Tonight is Parents Night for the Boys Basketball game against Hendrickson at 7 p.m.

Tomorrow is a high school softball scrimmage @ Vista Ridge

At Morris Memorial Park (the swimming pool park) in Elgin, volunteers will be planting trees starting at 9 a.m.  Many volunteers are needed!!!

The high school powerlifting team has a powerlifting meet @ Florence tomorrow.

Little League Tryouts are also tomorrow-I almost forgot!!!

Tee Ball Tryouts at Fields 2 and 3 will be from 12 p.m.-1 p.m.

Coach Pitch Softball will be at Field 1 from 1 p.m.-2 p.m.

Machine Pitch BAseball will be at Field 2 from 1 p.m.-3 p.m.

Minor Softball will be at Field 1 from 2 p.m.-3 p.m.

Minor Baseball will be at Field3 from 1 p.m.-3 p.m.

Major Softball will be at Field 1 from 3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Major Baseball will be at Field 3 from 3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Junior Softball will be at Field 1 from 4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Junior Baseball will be SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH at 4 p.m. at the HWY 95 FIELD.

Make up Tryouts will be determined.  If a player does not make either the primary or make up tryout, they will be a hat pick in the draft, so it is important that everyone makes the tryouts!!!

Project Celebration is having their annual Valentine Dinner and Dance at the VFW tomorrow night.  They are all sold out of tickets, but this is their biggest fundraiser of the year and I am sure that the ones who are attending, will be having a blast!!!

In Bastrop tomorrow, is the Hearts for Paws fundraiser from 4-7 p.m. at Heritage Hall at 1020 Main Street.  Admission is new items for dogs and cats such as food, litter, leashes, collars, toys, etc..  All proceeds benefit the Bastrop County Animal Shelter.  Speaking of this, I saw yesterday on Facebook that they are at capacity and if people don’t come adopt the animals, they are going to have to start putting them to sleep.  So, if anyone has available space and needs a new buddy, please help out.

On Sunday, at The Greater Mt. Vernon Zion Church, they will be observing 100 Women in Red at 10:15 and 10:30. 

Also on Sunday, the SPJST will be having a Valentines Dance from 3-7 p.m.  The Dujka Brothers will be playing and admission is $7. 

So, it will be a busy, busy weekend!!!

Lots going on tomorrow in Elgin…:)

Hey everyone…I didn’t give yall tomorrow’s schedule in today’s blog, so I thought I would give it to yall now….

BTW Elementary is having an African Safari presentation for Kindergarten through Second Grade from 8:30-9:30 a.m.  The 5th graders are having a Valentines dance tomorrow night from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Elgin Middle School is having girls and boys track tryouts again.

Elgin High School has a very busy schedule!!!  Algebra I and Geometry will be having their PAP Benchmark Tests again. 

Boys have basketball games in Elgin vs. Hendrickson at 5, 5:30 and 7 p.m.  This is the second to that last game of the regular season for the boys and these are very important because we are currently tied for 1st in district with Manor-so if you can come out and support our Varsity Wildcats, I know they would appreciate the it!!!  Let’s cheer them on!  Playoffs start next week already!

Girls play soccer @ Hutto at 6 and 7:45 p.m.

Boys play soccer in Elgin vs. Hutto at 6 and 8 p.m. and it is Senior/Parent Night.

Freshman and JV baseball have a scrimmage vs. Lehman at 6 in Elgin

Varsity baseball have a scrimmage @ Lehman at 6 p.m.

Swimmers have their Regional Meet in San Antonio.

I hope that is everything!  Everyone have a wonderful Friday!  It is supposed to rain, so be safe out there and try to stay warm!


Emergency Services Districts Commissioner Spots Up for Grabs-Must submit application by March 5

NOTICE OF DEADLINE TO FILE APPICATIONS FOR PLACE ON THE BALLOT TO RUN FOR SPOT ON ESD BOARD.(Emergency Service District) Start date Feb. 4 End date March 5 (see flyer on Firestation billboard for more info.)..
 If you are wondering what this is, this is the board that deals with our emergency services, such as ambulance service, fire departments, etc. It is a very important board, so if this interests you, then you should definitely run for a spot!!!

Bastrop – Travis emergency service district #1 was created 6 years ago. The current members of the board are Commissioners Tommy McCullough,Rick Harkins, Damon Doss, LB Hall, And Jim Hibbs.The district was established by a vote of the citizens in the district.

 The ESD board oversees the the taxes that are collected and distributed to the Elgin and Mcdade fire departments and thier first responders. Commissioners are responsble for setting the standards that they want the fire departments to operate under. The fire departments are under contract with the ESD to provide the services.

The need for a taxing district to support a fire department over just getting money from fundraising is mainly because the rising cost of equipment and the fact that as a community grows so must its services. The ESD meets once a month unless there is a need for a special meeting.There is no pay for this position , however should a member should need reimbursed for attending something they can be paid up to $3000 a year.

 You can look on the website for more info

I tried to get some more information but it is very repetitive and it is all at if you want to go check it out yourself.  This is a very important board.  The commissioners deal with a LOT of taxpayers money and decide where it goes. 


Happy Thursday, February 9th!

Good morning everyone!!!  I am up so much earlier than usual this morning, and I don’t know why!  My husband is so sick, he can barely talk, and I just keep hoping Sammy and I don’t catch it!  I am watching Good Morning America, and working on a few things for yall.  Last night, I was busy working on things to let yall know about the ESD positions that are available for yall to run for.  The things I am finding out are very interesting!!!


I am sure yall have heard about this, but let’s talk about it.   A former LBJ High School girls basketball and volleyball coach is facing a felony charge for giving “morning-after” pills to a student who was worried she might be pregnant, according to an arrest affadavit issued Wednesday.  Tracy Lee Steinberg, a 32-year old assistant coach who played a key role in LBJ’s first trip to the girls state basketball tournament last year, is facing a charge of delivery of a dangerous drug after the incident.  A 16-year-old girl confided in Steinberg, after her and her boyfriend had unprotected sex.  Steinberg told the girl that her and her boyfriend had bright futures and she could get her the morning after pill if she wanted her too.  Since she was under 17, she would have had to have a prescription to get it on her own.  That is why it is considered a dangerous drug.  The 16-year-old and her boyfriend gave Steinberg the money for the pills.  Steinberg went to Planned Parenthood to get the pills, then brought them back with a sprite.  Steinberg told the student about possible side effects.  The student started feeling nauseated and achey and texted Steinberg, who told her it was normal and to take a hot shower and relax.  This is when the student told her mom, who went to police on Steinberg.  This is a tough story for me.  I think it is an eye-opener for a lot of people.  I know that when I was subbing at the high school, I became very close to a lot of kids.  I can see myself wanting to help them in the same way Steinberg did.  I am sure she was only trying to help the girl and never intended on doing anything unlawful.  I understand why she is in trouble, but at the same time, I don’t think her intentions were wrong. 

There is an article in the paper about young couples who reunite later in life and usually stay together.  According to a California State University study, 72 percent of subjects who connected at an early age and then lost touch, found their way back together and stayed together.  Of those who formed youthful bonds and wound up getting married, the divorce rate is only 1.5 percent, compared to an overall national divorce rate of 40%.  So, if this is all true, then everyone should go find their childhood sweetheart and marry them!  Lol!


It is currently 43 degrees, with a high today of 63 with a 10% chance of rain.

Tonight’s low is 49 with a 70% chance of rain!  Tomorrow’s high is 62 with a 60% chance of rain.


Blue Ivy Carter’s grandma, Tina Knowles, says the baby is doing great!  She can’t say which parent the baby resembles yet since she is only a month old though.  Beyonce also stepped out twice this week to support husband, Jay-Z, and you can’t even tell she had a baby!  She has her body back already!

Khloe Kardashian, whose baby making efforts have been pretty public for a while now, is glad that she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet.  She said she can’t imagine having a newborn with all of the changes they have been going through after her husband, Lamar Odom, was traded to the Dallas Mavericks.


I heard through the grapevine that Elgin and Aqua settled out of court and it is a win-win situation for everyone, but I have no proof or details of  it yet.  I am working on it though.



Is it really Hump Day again??? Already???

Yes, I believe it is!  It is February 8th, already!  I heard it is pretty chilly outside, so I hope everyone is staying warm.  I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog yesterday and many thanks to all of you that contributed to my mom’s birthday blog!  I think she had a wonderful day!!!


I think we talked about the mess going on with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Planned Parenthood last week.  The Komen Foundation took away funding from Planned Parenthood, apparently after a new person was placed in charge of the foundation.  After a public uproar, they reversed the decision to provide grant money to Planned Parenthood.  Well, now a vice president for the foundation has resigned.  Hmph….guess we know what their vote was!

Here is something interesting.  At Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, students can get the “morning after” pill from a vending machine!  All they have to do is pay $25 and it is theirs.  Also in the vending machine are condoms, pregnancy tests, and decongestant (lol).  There is a lot of attention being put on this because people don’t know that it should be the easily accessible, but others say that it is nice because they are embarassed to go ask for it.  Hmmm, I don’t really know how I feel.  That is a weird subject.


Right now, it is 50 degrees outside.  The high today is 59 with a 10% chance of rain. 

Tonight’s low will be 40 with a 10% chance of rain.  Tomorrow’s high will be 60 with a 20% chance of rain.


Ray Romano and his wife just came out to talk about her beating breast cancer.  I think this is a close issue to many of us, due to our town’s elementary principal going through this.  Ray’s wife, Anna, said that losing her hair was very tough, and I know that Kendra has had a hard time dealing with that too.  The good news is that Anna beat the cancer, and our Kendra will too!!!

In the divorce between Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Russell could clain millions because he is entitled to half of what Katie earned during their marriage, but sources say he is not interested in any of her money.


Wow, I guess I forgot to put today’s events out last night.  After my computer broke, I was a bit distraught!!!  Let me tell yall what is going on today!

BTW is having their 4th grade science benchmark test today.

Neidig is having tutoring for Merka and Creamers classes.

EMS is having girls and boys track tryouts at 3:30 p.m.

EHS is having the Algebra I and Geometry PAP Benchmark, NHS yearbook photo during second period, and freshman and JV baseball vs. Lanier at 5:30 p.m.

ELGIN PUBLIC LIBRARY has crafts at 4:30 p.m.


Let’s raise some money for Little League!!!

I am sure you have already heard about the fundraiser going on for the Elgin Little League, but I want to talk about it again!  On February 25, Elgin Little League is going to be having a dinner and dance at the SPJST Hall.  Usually, the kids in Little League have to sell something, whether it be candy, cookies, or any other cheap product, but this year, we can all have a great time and raise money at the same time!  Meyers will be catering the meal, yummy.  There will be awards given to the All Star Championship teams, yay!!!  Then, Elgin’s own, Mr. Mark Winston Kirk will be performing some good country dancing music.  After he is done, DJ Fame will spin some more dancing music.  It is going to be such a fun night for the whole family.  Of course, since it is for the Little League, all of the kids are included in the fun.  I know my kid loves to dance, so I am sure yours does too!!!

Tickets for this event are $15 each.  That is such a deal for dinner and the dance.  I was shocked when I saw how cheap the tickets are.

If you don’t know the rules about drinking at the SP, let me tell you.  You can bring in your own bottle of liquor, but you must purchase your mixers, or your beer/wine coolers from the bar.  I know when we were at a dance there this past weekend, the beer was only $2 a can!  Of course, I don’t want to tell you about the drinks without telling you to be careful and no drinking and driving.

Now, here is the catch…I really need to sell these tickets by this weekend so that we know how much food to order.  Please contact me at to let me know if you need tickets.

We also need items for the silent auction.  If you have anything to donate, please contact Kenny King, the President of the Little League, at 512-771-8211.

This is going to be a night of fun for the entire family, so please don’t miss out!  Remember, I must sell my tickets by this weekend!!!  I hope to hear from you soon!


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